Biography of Alternative music artist Lazarus X

To understand the essence Houston's newest local band Lazarus X you must understand the origin of the name. In the early nineties the artist Dave L. lived for the guitar. He was in a band that had an upcoming tour starting in Austin in a few weeks. Life was good. Then in an moment of youthful impetuousness, an incident he refers to as “the car surfing incident” he climbed on the hood of a friends car as the friend sped down a dark road at a reckless 60 mph. Bad idea. With the squeal of brakes and an explosion of pain down his left side, in an instant a promising career was over. Or so the doctors said anyway.

He had fractured his arm and broken the connecting bone in his wrist. The doctor explained very calmly and emotionlessly that he would never again have flexibility or control in his left hand. He would never play a guitar again. He never believed them once, even in the eight years when so much as the simplest chord caused him extreme pain.

Eight years later, after intensive therapy using stretching, yoga and martial arts, particularly aikido (a Japanese art originally reserved for royalty) he began to play again. “It was like a flood gate had opened” Dave offered. “All of these songs I had been working on in my head just began to pour out of me. Not long after beginning to play again he picked up the nickname Lazarus X signifying the rebirth of his career into this new and unknown territory. He also adopted the name Lazarus as his last name for reasons of privacy. (Privacy is very important to Laz.)

Dave then formed Vampyre Boyscouts and put away the songs he had written for a more collaborative format. The rock foursome released a demo but by the time it was released the band had gone their separate ways due to differing musical interests. Unfortunately the master was lost in a computer crash a year or so later. "I also lost an entire novel I had written." Laz confessed. "The band was more a group of close friends then a musical collaboration. We decided we were better friends before the band and the most important thing was the friendship." Laz added. They remain close friends to this day. Out of the ashes formed Pseudo Quack Axiom which had a successful 2 year run as a touring band releasing a album called Smile. The band got some notoriety in the Southern Texas region before deciding to dissolve the band in late 2002.

Lazarus X was anxious to get in the studio after the dissolution of PQA. “I’m really better at writing by myself than collaborating.” admits Laz. Not long thereafter the old songs he had written before Vampyre Boyscouts make a reappearance. "I had about 20 songs already written before Vampyre Boyscouts formed but I added a few new songs just to round the album out a bit. I recorded the guitar and bass parts in my project studio. When Silver Dragon Records was formed we went back into the studio and recorded the vocals. The whole album was recorded before I even formed the band. Many of the guitar parts and most of the solos were recorded first take. I feel that there's a spontaneity there when you first write a song and that's why I prefer a in house studio, to capture that feel that you can never quite recapture once it's lost."

Laz explains "I titled the album Weapon of Love after the song I wrote of the same name. It is basically a tip of the hat to my personal hero Martin Luther King Jr. who fought for freedom not just for his race but for all races and did so without resorting to violence. That to me is the mark of a truly great man."

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