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Houston music scene skylineHow to build a better Houston music Scene. Hi. David Lazarus here. I am the cofounder of independent record label Silver Dragon Records and singer songwriter guitarist for Houston band Lazarus X. I would like to invite all our readers who live in or around the Houston area and who have an interest in Houston music to participate in a campaign to create a better situation for musicians and music fans in the Houston area. I know what you are thinking. Not this again. So many people have tried and failed at this idea. Yes Houston may be the angriest city in America but we still have a love for great Houston music and we have some of the best bands around. So what is the problem as I see it? There is no cohesive scene and very little cooperation between artists, clubs, labels, radio stations, and the fans that are there to support them. Also there is an overly competitive attitude between bands, clubs, and labels.

So what can be done about it? The way I see it many of the bands in the area have a following of a few hundred to a few thousand people. I go to a lot of shows and I rarely see the same faces at any of these shows. Each area and genre or sub-genre seems to have a small group of loyal fans. These fans are isolated from other groups of fans and usually frequent the same few clubs to see the same few bands. If these fans were able to broaden their exposure to new music and clubs we would all benefit by gaining a larger fan base to draw from.

Houston music concertWhat are we doing to promote Houston Music now? What we are doing is trying to coordinate and help create a large group of bands, labels, clubs, websites and most importantly fans to cooperate and to help the Houston music scene grow. We have some really innovative ideas about how to do this including shared resources, cross promotion, methods to create a strong web presence, gig trading, and some other really innovative ideas which we are keeping under wraps for now. We are already having great success with our website which is in large part a resource for Houston clubs, local bands, radio, recording, music history, etc. With over a million visitors since our sites conception last year it is one of the most comprehensive sites dedicated to the Houston music scene.

What can I do about it? So now you are probably wondering what we want you to do right? Well it depends on what you are comfortable with. We don’t have bylaws or secret rules to belong. We don’t demand a blood sacrifice. (Unless you want to give one.) We are a loosely knit community of artists, labels, clubs, and fans looking to make Houston a great place for music. That’s it.

1) Join our Email list - As for what you can do the simplest thing you could do would be to join our email list at Houston@silver-dragon-records.com and keep up with what's going on in the Houston music scene.

2) Link to Us - If you have a website related to Houston music please link to us. Click here for the HTML code to insert in your site. Let us know once you have linked and if the site is relevant we will link back to you.

3) Volunteer - If you have a particular talent related to music that you would like to offer please email us with details.

4) Send us Houston Music News - If you are in a band it would be great if you could send us any news about your or other bands, clubs, labels, radio shows, websites, or anything else that you think the music community needs to hear about.

5) Make Suggestions - We would also love any suggestions you have on how to improve our concept, our website, etc to make it more successful.

6) Write an article - You could also submit an article to be published on our site in the editorial section or help with the organization of events and other promotions.

7) Much much more - Beyond that the sky is the limit. How do I know we will succeed? Because we already are. The more help we get the better the results will be for all of us. Let me know if you have any questions. Anyway, thanks for your time and I hope to hear all of from you.

Keep the faith,


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