Houston Music - 61 Cygni

The star 61 Cygni was christened the "Flying Star" in 1792 because of its rapid motion a departure from the normal idea of the behavior of a star. Houston band 61 Cygni is an rapid departure from the traditional idea of what the Houston music scene is but they are very much a part of what it can be. Their unique brand of ambient rock takes its root in bands like Siouxsie & the Banshees, The Church, and Curve and sets it sights on the stars from which it borrows its name.

Singer and guitarist Tessa, bassist Paul Adams and drummer Eric Jarvis combine their keen melodic sense with a flair for the dramatic and earthy and personal lyrics which can make the soul stir in even the most jaded of listeners. Combining captivating drumming with razor steady bass lines swirling guitars and almost painfully beautiful vocal phrasing, this band is a rare find in the Houston landscape.

Tessa and Adams having been working together for quite a while and their musical styles have gelled into one. Formerly of Houston band Breathe, in 2001 they formed 61 Cygni and the couple added Jarvis to the line up. After a brief period of adjustment (he was formerly a bassist / guitarist) they have made their mark on the Houston music scene with dramatic effect.

Exploring themes like pain, anger, and revenge in an expressive and cathartic way 61 Cygni explores the ideas and expresses feelings which many of us are unable to vocalize.

The band's debut CD released in 2003 and was entitled Binaural Beatings, a reference to Binaural beats which are auditory responses resulting from the interaction of two different sounds, one in each ear interacting at different frequencies. They are believed by some to be useful for altered states of consciousness. 61 Cygni's music can also induce an altered state of consciousness and may stimulate parts of your brain which the typical band may not have ever touched.

While ambient rock may not be on every radio station at the moment its popularity is on the rise and when it does this star is set to explode onto the mainstream music scene. Meanwhile check them out at Rudyard's or The Proletariat.

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