Houston Band - Silverleaf

Silverleaf is a modern rock band which has experienced phenomenal growth in a short time but has musical roots which run deep. The band was created after the demise of local group 24 Count. They immediately set their sights on the global market with designs on reaching a large market of music fans. Consisting of vocalist Paul Gross, guitarist Zac Renfro, bassist Matt Radliff, and drummer Bruce Rios this band has made quite a stir in a very short period.

Almost immediately Silverleaf was playing shows all over Texas spreading their message to the fans. They released an album called The Show, 12 tracks recorded at Sugar Hill Studios. The album shows a band clear in direction and sure of themselves and what they want to say with polished tracks fit for mainstream radio. Silverleaf has proven to be a dedicated group of talented musicians, building a fan base quickly and selling out venues and creating a stir in the local music community.

Known for powerful melodies, heartfelt lyrics, a larger than life guitar sound and a unity of musical direction this band has achieved what few other Houston bands have been able to. They were nominated for "best new act" at the Houston Press Music Awards, signed on with Budweiser/EMI to be the True Music band for our area, gotten airplay on several radio stations, like 94.5 The Buzz, secured high visibility gigs at Reliant Stadium, Toyota Center, Minute Maid Park, the KRBE Earth Day Festival and played the Super Bowl Super Bash to name a few. They were also named one of the nation's top unsigned bands in Rolling Stone magazine and also featured in Vanity Fair.

Their powerhouse sound and energetic performances have allowed them to perform with Fuel, Jewel, Bowling For Soup, Simple Plan, and Michelle Branch. They have also opened for Puddle Of Mudd, Blue October, Cowboy Mouth, and Smile Empty Soul. Offering up great songs and a dedication to the fans Silverleaf has a bright future ahead.

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