Houston Music - Swarm Of Angels

Trash pop / glam / noise / post-punk rockers Swarm of Angels consists of 6 musicians strait from the heart of the Houston indie music scene who's live shows will assault your senses while their EP Plessure will leave you wanting a whole lot more. The band is made up of the former and current members of bands like Matty & Mossy, the Vulgarians, Rusted Shut, and Culturcide and are an interesting mix of strange influences and weird sub-genres. Listening too long has been known to cause spontaneous combustion, but in a good way.

Swarm of Angels' offers a taste of something different than the flavor of the month. Members Nikki Texas / vocals, Matt Frey / drums, Ralf Armin / bass, Erika Thrasher / rhythm guitar, Domokos Benzcedi / feather axe, and Elke Pallenberg / sax make music that defies traditional description.

Their CD Plessure combines unusual instruments and screaming chants interwoven with punk mayhem. From subtle moments like the song "Medea" to full blown assault mode on songs like the title track "Plessure" this band has some range while still staying true to their non-conventional ideal of music for music sake.

The guitars create a wall of noise and a core direction from which the lyrics seem to ooze. Other tracks use fuzzed guitars and hard hitting bass with soft eerie vocals mixed with screams. The lyrics are non-traditional but can be moving. In songs like "All You Flagwavers!" they offer a strong message of warning to all those who equate blindly following along with patriotism.

Recently tapped to contribute their track "Hereafter" to the Houston compilation CD "I hate it here I never want to leave" this band is getting good press and developing a following. Check them out at The Axiom, Super Happy Fun Land, or other great Houston clubs and get a little taste of indie heaven.

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