Houston Music - The Hunger

The Hunger began as an electro-metal garage band started by some local kids who admired bands like Ministry and The Cure. Before they knew it this small Houston band had a huge following and a record deal with an independent label. Leave Me Alone, their first full length CD release was never properly supported by the record label due to its early demise, yet amazingly they still managed to get airplay, a spot on the Billboard charts and decent record sales based largely on their incredible live performances. Relying on unconventional and conventional venues like the legendary and now defunct nightclub J. Larkins of Webster fame this band took their electrified techno metal music strait to the fans with dramatic success.

Word quickly spread about the Hunger and this lead to their second CD release, entitled Grip, which was put out on their own label, Gut Records. It sold 15,000 units and several songs from the CD got radio play. Very impressive indeed for a small label start-up. Their third release Devil Thumbs a Ride, was picked up by Universal Records and put them in the national spotlight with their single "Vanishing Cream". It would eventually reach #4 on the rock charts and paved the way for a national tour of the entire country.

Their next release Cinematic Superthug, was very well received by critics and fans this album furthered their acclaim allowing them access to audiences of up to 15,000 people, headlining and supporting the Deftones, Foo Fighters, and Creed. The Hunger's fifth release, Spaceman's Last Goodbye, brought a new element of experimentation fused with diverse influences and the great musical sense of style that the Hunger is known for.

Known to be really accessible to the fans and generally nice people to hang with, brothers and vocalists / synthesists Jeff and Thomas Wilson, guitarist Stephen Bogle, bassist Darren Nelson, drummer Giovanni Capelo, create unique and intense songs driven by hook laden melodies and fueled by pure energy. The shows are not to be missed and have been key in driving this bands success. They haven't lost a step either. At a recent performance at the Scout bar that was attended by our label they proved without a doubt the Hunger still have an appetite for connecting with the fans and making great music.

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