Houston music - The Jonx

At some point a band like the Jonx will appear on the mainstream music radar like a low flying plane ready to destroy your idea of what Houston music is and can be. For now they are an underground phenomenon gracing the local stages and causing a stir among the Houston indie music community.

Guitarist Stuart Smith, drummer Daniel Mee, bassist Trey Lavigne, and former member and guitarist Viki Keener combine to create the avant-garde punk band The Jonx. The members incorporate the fury of individualism infused into one coherent structure, trading vocals duties among them and allowing each person to sing the songs they have written.

They combine free form and unusual phrases and nontraditional rhythmic presentation of lyrics like "Word for every part, Part for every eye, Eye for every want, Want for everything. The pictures in the magazines don't get me anymore. A writhing mass of want, it shakes me, throws me to the floor." (From the song Murder from their first EP the Jonx) This catches the listener of guard in a good way. With a sound vaguely reminiscent of punk greats like Minutemen and No Means No, but with an almost funk fusion twist this band is not your garden variety indie by any means.

Combining unusual rhythms with grinding churning guitar sounds, emotional screams and spoken lyrics this band creates moments of tension and release which hold the listeners interest and create a device which allows the songs to flow and change while remaining a coherent whole.

Their second EP entitled the Jonx 2 - Wrath of Shawn was released about a year ago and feature fan favorites like "Heart tell its attack" and "Circle of Quality". The band has changed their lineup a bit in that time; bassist Trey Lavigne has taken over for Shawn Durrani and guitarist Viki Keener has left the band. They have added some new songs to their set during this time but there has been no word about a new CD as of yet.

Known for great live shows you can find them at the Proletariat, Rudyard's or the Axiom on a regular basis performing their fresh sophisticated take on traditional punk to their hardcore fans and others in the know.

Expanding the psyches of local fans on a regular basis, the Jonx are one of Houston's best punk bands and should not be missed whether you are a fan of the "indie" scene or not.

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