Houston music from UME

If you live outside Houston, chances are you haven't seen UME or heard much about them. If you are a follower of the Houston music scene you probably know a lot especially if you follow the indie scene. This dissonant or noise rock band headed agilely by vocalist / guitarist Lauren Larson and backed by bassist / vocalist Eric Larson and drummer Jeff Barrera and has added to the Houston music scene an element that has been missing for quite some time, tension. Known for breaking strings, straps and blowing fuses Lauren flails about like a unmanned fire hose capturing and captivating the audience in the process. UME's live performances are what makes this band a legend combining beautifully and eerie melodies accentuated by soulful screams that would wake the dead.

The rhythm section is rock solid and make a perfect foundation for the exploration of Lauren who interlaces bursts of noise and melody with seamless precision. Their performances are exciting and original with petite Lauren twirling, flailing and thrashing with all the enthusiasm and energy of someone twice her size. Eric forms a solid foundation with interesting and tasty bass lines. Jeff's drums drive the band forward with energy and enthusiasm. He is also know to perform blindfolded or wearing a mask.

As the winner of the Critic’s Choice Best Indie Rock Award given by the 2004 Houston Press Music Awards UME is finally getting some of the attention they deserve.

Often compared to My Bloody Valentine, Sleater-Kinney and Sonic Youth this band defies true description and must be seen and heard to be believed. Indie band UME "which is Japanese for pickled plums" is like their namesake, a rare treat not to be missed. Splitting their time between pursuing a masters degrees in Pennsylvania and performing insane live shows in Houston this band is one of Houston's best indie acts.

Known for their love of a good time and peaceful acts of rebellion against the thought police, both musical and non musical, this band is a breath of fresh air in a sometimes stale place. With fans in as far reaching places as Italy, Japan, New York, and California to name just a few this band has made the underground music scene a better place to be. Check them out. You won't regret it.

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