Silver Dragon Recording Studios - Houston Recording Studio

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsSilver Dragon Records is proud to announce that our private studio is now open to the public for a limited time. Get your album project or demo recorded in a professional environment for a fraction of the cost of a pro studio. Many studios charge well over $100 an hour and this doesn't even include the price of an engineer. For only $50 an hour you get access to a 1000 foot plus studio with multiple recording environments plus an engineer to assist you in capturing the sound that you and your band are looking for. SDRS studio is equipped with the same high-quality equipment you'd expect from a studio charging much more allowing for a professional project to be completed for much less. We use the best combination of digital and analog technology to provide the highest quality sound combined with the flexibility of digital technology. We are experts in unconventional recording techniques as well as traditional techniques allowing us to capture a unique sound for each band or artist. We will not accept a project unless we feel we have something unique to offer and will do our best to provide each band or artist with a positive experience and a great product.

Ceramic monsterWe go out of our way to make each band or artist feel comfortable and allow them to create their music without distraction. We have a large outdoor area which provides a place for artists to relax between takes in order to help them make the most of their time in the studio. Our studio is stocked with all of the equipment necessary to make a high-quality recording and to master your project to make it ready for radio or other media. If there is additional equipment that you require we can rent it for you at an additional charge making the selection of equipment virtually unlimited.

Thinking statueOur engineers are there to assist you in capturing the sound that you or your band are looking for and are also comfortable in producing a project if you are unsure what you want. We pride ourselves in making each project unique and will strive to capture the best your band has to offer and to present it in the most flattering light. We put the band and their music first and will not pressure you into a decision you are not comfortable with allowing each band to tailor their music and find their unique voice.

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