Indie Rock

(See also) emo rock, punk rock, lo-fi, post-rock, college rock and alternative rock.


Independent jellyfishIndie rock is a sub genre of rock music which is often used to refer to bands that are on small independent or "indie" record labels or who aren't on labels at all. In the 1980s, these bands were referred to as "alternative rock", since they were quite different that the mainstream rock that dominated the radio at that time. It was also interchangeable with the term college rock which was named after the main source of the music at the time was the college radio.

Indie rock became a separate movement when Nirvana broke into the mainstream along with several other bands, taking the "alternative" label with them. Many musicians were disappointed with the label alternative because it had become so conventional that it seemed to be an inappropriate name for these small independent bands who has no desire to be a part of a mainstream movement. These bands slowly began to separate from the label alternative rock and garner their own place as a small underground movement more in touch with the roots of its movement.

The term indie rock soon became the accepted label for these bands who fell outside mainstream grunge or alternative and wanted to establish a more underground sub genre of alternative music more like the college rock movement Independent glowwhich established the alternative movement. rock tends to be an general term covering everyone from the Elephant 6 collective to the Pixies to the Cocteau Twins. The main thing linking these bands together is their existence in the underground as a grass roots popular movement and their indebtedness to punk rock. Some related genres include emo rock, lo-fi, post-rock, college rock and alternative rock.

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