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Browse Our selection of Original Music CD's - Check out great original music from bands like Lazarus X and their new CD release Weapon of Love, Pseudo Quack Axiom, and Starry Night. All CD's on sale for a limited time while supplies last and start at just $9.99. Also check out a limited edition Import CD of Lazarus X's Weapon of Love. Check out samples of the CD's before you buy.

Browse Our selection of Original Rock band T shirts Browse our all original rock T-shirt designs. Take a look at popular designs like our Indie rock T-Shirt design or show your love for experimental or alternative rock with some great designs from our in house artists here at SDR. Shirts are available in a variety of styles, sizes and colors and start at just $18.99. Also check out great original Concert T-shirts from bands like Lazarus X, Pseudo Quack Axiom, and Starry Night. While your there check out our Recording \T-shirts and Houston live music Tees and show your love.

Browse Our selection of Original Rock and Concert Prints Browse our all original rock prints created in house by our graphic artists here at SDR. Prints start at $5.00 and are available in custom painted frames for an additional cost. Also check out great original prints from bands like Lazarus X, Pseudo Quack Axiom, and Starry Night.

Ordering By Mail - Please feel free to order our products by mail. If you would like to place an order please mail us at 3452 Palmer Hwy. Please include your name, address, daytime and nighttime phone number, zip code, mailing address, and credit card number. No cash, checks or money orders please.

Online Store Security - Silver Dragon Records is proud to offer secure online purchases of our rock shirts and CD's from our online store.Our secure credit card service provides a safe secure purchase from a encrypted secure page so you can relax and enjoy your rock music products without the hassles. Purchase items by clicking on the buy buttons throughout the website and you will be directed to a encrypted page for a secure purchase.

Shipping - All items will be shipped within two to six business days and many items ship sooner. We here at Silver Dragon Records pride ourselves on being a name you can trust. Thank you for shopping with us.

Thank You for supporting independent music - Thank you for supporting independent music by making a purchase at our online store or by purchasing our products from Tower Records, CD Baby and other great retailers. People like yourself keep great non corporate bands and labels alive and keep the corporate rock takeover at bay. We appreciate all you do to help independent music survive. Thanks from all of us here at SDR.


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