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Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsSilver Dragon Records is proud to announce the beginning of a new era in independent Houston radio programming, Radio Free Houston. SDR is thrilled to become one of the few voices of rock radio not dominated by corporate special interests. Our half hour radio show will be available for download for free and will feature some of the hottest artists in the Houston area.

Radio Free Houston is now on the air! This free service provided by Silver Dragon Records is designed to bypass corporate dominated radio and allow a free voice to be heard in the Houston music community and around the world. SDR is prepared to battle corporate radio by picking up the gauntlet to champion the cause of independent music in the Houston area. For many years we've been telling the world what Houstonians already know and we are proud to take the next step towards freeing the Houston music scene from the oppression of corporate America's domination of the music scene. Our idea is simple, music by the people for the people without interference from marketing and other financial strategists. By allowing music fans access to unfiltered music from some of the areas best and brightest bands SDR is doing their part to show America what we've known for years, that Houston musicians are some of the most underrated and under appreciated musicians in the nation. With fans and listeners from all over the world SDR hopes to expose some of our favorite bands to the world knowing that people will see Houston for what it of is, one the hottest independent musical scenes anyone has ever seen with the potential to change the face of music forever.

Radio free Houston will start out with a limited broadcast but we hope to expand our coverage as we add more great local bands. Of course like all great grassroots movements we can't do it without your help. Please e-mail your friends and anyone else who might be interested and let them know what we are trying to do. Also please feel free to suggest bands that you think should be added to our format and let those bands know where to find us. We would also love to hear your feedback and ideas for the program to help us expand and continue to serve your interests.

If you would like your band to be considered for airplay on radio free Houston please submit your CD or demo two our label and write "Radio Free Houston" across the cover. If you would also like to be considered as a potential band to be signed by our record label please write "sign" across the front of the demo. If you'd like you may also include a bio and other information with your submission.

So for now kick back and enjoy one of the wildest rides on the airwaves. SDR's radio free Houston is on the air and Houston local music will never be the same.


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