SDR's Private recording studio in Houston Texas

Abstract illustration of Silver Dragon RecordsSDR's Private Studio - One tremendous advantage to signing with Silver Dragon Records is our small private studio hidden away in the suburbs of Houston Texas. This allows our signed artists to record much if not all of their album in house in private secluded comfort allowing for more creative and artistic freedom. We offer high quality tube microphones, class a preamps, 24 bit digital quality and high quality plug-ins for more sonic choices plus lots of hush hush equipment that our producers won't let us tell you about.

Our Equipment - We use only high end recording equipment including Avalon, Focusrite, Marshall, Ibanez, M-Audio, Mackie, Audio-Technica, Fostex, etc. and can offer rental equipment if you need that special something. Take your music to the next level. Submit a demo today.

Other Items of Interest - Also while your here feel free to check out our record label Silver Dragon Records and see what we can offer your band in terms of recording and other services. Also check out Lazarus X Houston's hottest local band and their new CD release Weapon of Love or download a free mp3 for a limited time.

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