Hard Rock Band Lazarus X's CD

Weapon of Love

After the breakup of PQA Lazarus X was anxious to return to the studio. This album shows why. The music just seems to flow out of him. Not only was all the material on the album written by the artist himself but in addition to the 7-string guitar and vocals he does the honors on bass guitar and vocal harmony parts himself proving he is not only a talented singer/guitarist/songwriter but an accomplished musician in his own right. For more information on the content of the songs click here for full album lyrics.

Lazarus X has been a staple of the Southern Texas alternative music scene for 2 years now with his band Pseudo Quack Axiom. His solo album Weapon of Love has been highly anticipated by fans. Some fans received a preview of the album at a rooftop listening party a day before it is released and the response was amazing.

The new album Weapon of Love is a continuation of what fans had grown to love in PQA. The strong vocal harmonies and dark ominous guitars layered with very powerful and accessible melodies and energetic bursts of Laz's 7 string make for a wild and interesting ride. The lyrics are very moving, at times dark and at others very inspiring and insightful.

The album itself is an captivating mixture of the gritty and harsh reality of urban decay set against the backdrop of the artists struggle to remain forever hopeful. The subject matter is very personal covering topics such as attempted suicide, (Two Ropes) the solace of music in the face of hopelessness, (Asylum) to more far reaching topics such as global unrest, (Weapon of Love) and loss of freedom post 9-11, (Free Radicals). This album is a ground breaking move for the artist and has received excellent reviews. The music seems to strike a chord with old fans as well as new ones. Don't take our word for it however, check out Weapon of Love and decide for yourself why fans have proclaimed it an instant hit.

Lazarus X, a Galveston native has a strong connection to the local music scene and is planning a tour in the next few months to support the album. If you would like to be placed on our mailer for future shows let us know at info@silver-dragon-records.com For more info on the new album check out Weapon of Love or get a free mp3 music download here.


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